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The Xena Project is a veteran-operated 501(c)3 public charity (EIN #46-3154292) that facilitates healing of veterans and their families through equine and animal therapy. Located near Houston, we are the only initiative of our kind in the country and attract a broad spectrum of needs, including veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, individuals with traumatic physical or brain injury, and those in emotional upheaval.

All services are provided free of charge to veterans and their families. The Xena Project is funded entirely by private donations and community grants. We take pride in turning nearly every penny directly into veterans services. We regularly welcome those who served in Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as veterans and families simply moving through life in ways uniquely impacted by military service.

Ready to help the veterans of The Xena Project?

Are you a corporation or individual who wants to launch a program in your name?  We would be grateful to speak with you – our programs are continually growing and evolving.

To offer monetary support now with a credit card through PayPal (no account required), please click the “donate” button below:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

To donate with a check, please mail to:

The Xena Project, 3942 Beasley West End Road, Beasley Texas 77417

To donate in memory or honor of an individual or animal, please enclose a note with the honoree’s information, or enter that information into the “comments” section online.  Thank you for choosing us to honor your loved one’s presence.

Thank you, many times over, for your support of The Xena Project. We are grateful.


The Xena Team


Prefer to donate an item?  We are grateful, and in need of the items listed below.  We are happy and humbled to accept donations of used items in good condition, and can pick up in the local area.  Thank you!

  • For Group Days:
    • Portable fans of all sizes, swamp coolers, spray misters, and tents to create cooling stations for riders during the summer
    • Bottled water and snacks for riders and volunteers
    • Picnic tables and chairs for use during group visits, and during prayer and support group meetings
    • Carrots, apples, treats, and bales of coastal or timothy hay for the “live” horses used during group visits
  • For Private Sessions:
    • Size medium or large riding helmets
    • Looped reins, to allow riders with limited hand strength or dexterity to maintain a safe hold; color does not matter.  Rainbow reins are also appreciated.
    • 18″ saddles with flat or low seats, English or western.  Those that do not fit our riders can be sold for profits to be used to directly benefit veterans.
    • Sponsors to cover the cost of boarding riding horses to build a “live horse” program, and allow our veterans and their families to develop a more long-term presence here.
  • For Animal Encounter Therapy:
    • A van, truck, or similar to transport animals off-site
    • Donations of labor or funding to support vehicle maintenance and fuel
    • Crates, tie-downs, water bowls, food bowls, and towels to transport animals comfortably.
  • For art therapy, part of the Family Reunification Program:
    • Art supplies of all kinds for veterans and families – anything is welcome
  • For the meditation garden:
    • Garden benches, tables, or decorative items
    • Pots, soil, gardening implements, and gardening tools of all kinds and sizes
    • Paver stones, flag stones, gravel, or other walkway material
    • Succulents, bamboo, and other climate-appropriate seedlings for the meditation garden.
  • To maintain the facility and continually improve accessibility:
    • Threshold ramps to continue to improve wheelchair access
    • Gift cards to Lowe’s, Home Depot, or McCoy’s to defray the cost of maintaining our facility, purchase materials for construction of ramps and other accessibility features, and replace consumables such as light bulbs
    • All-purpose cleaning supplies, paper towels, and septic-safe single ply toilet paper
    • Hand sanitizers, hand soap, hand lotions for rider use
  • For administrative operation:
    • All types of printer paper to produce forms, flyers, and other administrative materials

Thank you!

2 Comments on “Donate / Wish List”

  1. George H. Ham
    December 22, 2014 at 11:38 PM #

    I have a 17.5″ circle Y western saddle I Would like to donate. If you are interested

  2. December 23, 2014 at 1:05 AM #

    Sir, we are grateful and thrilled to accept your donation – thank you! Is there a good phone number to call to discuss further? If you are more comfortable sharing your contact information privately, I can be reached by phone or text at (619) 415-1440, or by email to Thank you! – Jan

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