Veterans: Group Days

The Xena Project often welcomes local veteran groups to the grounds for a day of what we like to call “buffet style healing.”

Groups from fellow veteran-focused organizations experience a day of multi-faceted healing that includes the riding simulator, live horses, a variety of other animals, food, fellowship, and special offerings.  Some group days include families, while some do not.

While a variety of options are available, it is not unusual for visiting veterans to simply sit and quietly soak up the environment, or spend the day in private conversation.  The time is theirs – we offer a variety of healing tools that have helped us, and empower visiting veterans to explore what they feel drawn to.

Group days are at no cost to visiting veterans, and are arranged as funding is secured.  These are private events run by a volunteer force of fellow veterans, and often include physical therapists, mental health professionals, chaplains, and other experts.

Interested in making a group day happen?  $750 allows a group of approximately 15 and all required support staff to spend a day with The Xena Project.  All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law; any funding not expended is rolled over to the next group day.  Contact us to help support the next event.

Check out these photos from recent group days:

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