Justice-Impacted Veterans

Through the justice-impacted veterans program, The Xena Project brings services and support to men and women currently incarcerated in Fort Bend County Jail, or participating in Fort Bend or Harris County Veterans Treatment Courts (VTC). We serve both men and women, and both felony and misdemeanor VTC dockets.

If you feel drawn to volunteer in this program, please call (832) 451-5982 or write to ride@xenahorse.com to join the team.

Ready to get involved in the jail? Please click the link to access the pdf FB County Jail Background Consent Form, required to volunteer in Fort Bend County Jail. Please note that the packet requires specific proof of identification, references, and a notary – if you need assistance completing the packet, please contact us. Thank you!

Ready to get involved in VTC? The Xena Project seeks mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong men to provide fellowship, and eventually mentorship, to the veterans currently on the combined docket in Fort Bend County. We are currently working to schedule a one-day workshop to train VTC mentors in Fort Bend County; expect to see that class for the first time over the summer and please contact us to let us know you want to be involved. Thank you!

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