From the veterans

Are you a veteran or family member in need of support?  We believe that The Xena Project is the answer to numerous voids in veterans services, but as veterans ourselves, we know you may be reading this at a time when hope feels in short supply.

You can take our word, but you can also take the word of those who share their experiences in the testimonials below. The Xena Project is here for you, too.  Contact us to schedule your visit.


“I understand why this works. You keep things simple, and you allow each individual to drive their own healing process. If I were in need, I would come here. I would return here.” – male reporter, after spending a few hours at The Xena Project, Summer 2016

“I want to come back here [The Xena Project]. I have to come back here. God smiled at me while I was here… I haven’t felt that in a long time.” – Vietnam veteran, largely home-bound due to physical disability, Spring 2016
“Blessings upon blessings for me and my family, every time we come here.” – Army veteran who served in Iraq, Winter 2015

“Going to your place was pure bliss. I strive to achieve a dream similar, and you gave me a taste of that dream. Don’t ever change.” U.S. Army veteran, of a group day at The Xena Project, winter 2014

“She’s standing up straighter. She’s looking in the mirror. She got up nearly 3 hours earlier than usual today and got straight to business, because it’s her day to visit The Xena Project. So many people told me to give up, but you see what I see. You see that she’s still there. That changes everything!” – mother of 29-year-old daughter who has struggled with severe depression for nearly 6 years, spring 2015

“Horses are so incredibly healing. Just to be around them, they’re amazing. They help you breathe.” Former U.S. Marine, of The Xena Project, Fall 2014

“I didn’t tell you this, but I have problems with panic attacks. Last night, after breath work class, was the first time I’ve slept through the night in years. Thank you!” Daughter of a Vietnam veteran, Spring 2015

“I’m so relaxed, I could take a nap… I don’t think I’m going to need meds to sleep tonight.” U.S. Army veteran, multiple combat tours in Iraq, Fall 2014



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