Family Reunification

The Family Reunification Program provides a neutral, peaceful location for veterans in family turmoil to bond with their children.

If you are a veteran isolated from your children following a deployment, in the event of a court order following a PTSD or other diagnosis, or during difficult circumstances such as a divorce, we can provide a safe place to interact with animals, learn a bit about animals, and take photos together of a happy memory.  If you are a Gold Star Family whose marriage or surviving children are struggling in the aftermath of loss, we also extend a very warm and grateful welcome to you.  If you are the spouse or family member of a veteran with life-altering combat-related injury, such as paralysis, amputation, or Traumatic Brain Injury in need of a healing experience to reignite your bond, we welcome you.

All services are provided free of charge.  Families usually visit one at a time, but if you prefer to visit as a larger group, please let us know and we will accommodate you.  You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy one of the ponds or scenic spots on the grounds.

Please note: as your visit is arranged, we will ask for information about court orders and custody status.  If your court orders require the presence of a psychologist or law enforcement official during your visit, we can accommodate you.  The parent with primary custody is always welcome to enjoy the grounds and facility while their children spend time here.

Call Jan at (619) 415-1440 or write to to schedule your family’s visit today.  Not sure whether your family would benefit?  Contact us – we are here for you.

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