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I love getting ideas from these people, and if I wasn't busy doing my best to connect, there was always that possibility of someone getting angry or leaving comments that turned into an argument between a user-base with a little more understanding of what I was trying to tell them than what actually happened. So when I saw the doxxed and discredited posts and the fraudulently spamming and losing users due to spammer issues and over-stating data due to insufficient effort to be accurate, I felt that this was something that needed to be fixed. And so it happened, and I decided that I needed something to share with my friends and coworkers. And one of the things I wanted to be able to do was build a Facebook profile for my projects so that I could post on them, and the idea came to me when I saw Chris K. Brown's facebook image. Chris Brown's photo is an illustration of one of my project's main features. It's a picture taken by me (well, it's not a picture of your entire project but a simple picture of the one I will post as an exercise here in the comments as well).