Please scroll down for a list of frequently asked questions.  Thank you for visiting The Xena Project.

I am scheduled to ride the simulator.  Are observers welcome?

Yes!  You are welcome to bring as many observers as you like to your simulator session.  Photos and video are encouraged, as permitted by the rider.

I am military and do not want to share my medical or mental health information.  Can I participate in programs offered by The Xena Project anonymously?

You are welcome here privately, but not completely anonymously.  In order to adhere to equine industry best practices, keep our insurance company happy, and ensure all participants remain safe, we do require an “Equine Liability and Release” waiver prior to participation, which includes your name and contact information, as well as a good point of contact in case of an emergency.  We will also ask you to share any mobility challenges that may impact your ability to safely interact with horses and animals, or your ability to ride.  We ask for this information to ensure that we are appropriately staffed, with the necessary ramps, lifts, or other aids, for your session.  Please visit the “Privacy Policy” page for more detailed information.  Your information will never be shared, or discussed in a public forum.

I want to donate to The Xena Project.  Will my contribution directly impact veterans?  Do I have any say in how my donation is spent?

Yes, and yes!  We are a recognized 501(c)3 public charity, which means your support is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

More than 85% of all funds donated to The Xena Project go directly and immediately to veterans.  Programs such as group days and private sessions are offered as they are funded.  The remaining 15% is used to cover requirements such as insurance and equipment.  All donors receive reports and updates on how, exactly, your donation is spent.

What does it take?  $45 gives a private horse handling and ground lesson to a veteran.  $60 gives a private simulator session to a veteran.  $750 gives approximately 15 veterans the opportunity to visit as part of a group day.  $5,000 sponsors a horse for a year, making them available to veterans and their families for riding lessons and equine therapy.

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