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Welcome to All Xena’s Horses! Our mantra – know yourself, know your horse, ride with joy – shapes our method of instruction.  We believe in the benefits of the following: ...

Xena Horse

The Simulator

Wish you could ride in the air conditioning during hot Texas summers, or out of the wind in the winter? Need a way to train while either you or your ...

The Xena Project

The Xena Project

The Xena Project is a Texas state-recognized non-profit dedicated to helping veterans into the saddle through the use of a state-of-the-art riding simulator in combination with “real” horses. In winter ...

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Now Open for Viewing (and bring your babies!)

Xena, our fully interactive riding simulator, is now even easier to learn ...

The Happiest Kind of Love

We wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day.  Whether you feel surrounded ...
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The “app” every rider needs

Phones have become a consistent part of a rider’s kit.  Whether left ...
Derrick on Hans JAN14 HDS Show

Para Equestrian competition – an intro

Here in the Houston area, we are blessed to regularly see para-equestrian ...
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Reading the Weather: your horse and barn depend on it

When you’re boarding a horse or riding at a school, the weather ...
Happy New Year!

New Year’s Resolution #3 (aka “the biggie”): Ride with joy

You’ve heard our signature saying: Know yourself.  Know your horse.  Ride with ...

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New Year’s Resolution #2: Make like this mini and study, study, study

This horse (this little one here), is studying.

Photo courtesy of Colorado State University's College of Agricultural Science

Photo courtesy of Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Science

That’s right – visible proof that something, somewhere, found the time to step away from family, chores, and smart phones long enough to crack open a book and learn a thing or fifteen.

That the something is a horse should not deter you.  Next year, we are going to live up to the standard of this miniature horse and we are going to study.  What, exactly?  Horses and horsemanship, with a side of barn management, for at least 15 minutes every day.

Studying our craft opens us to new ideas, and broadens our knowledge base beyond Read More…

New Year’s Resolution #1: A Quarterhorse Butt for Everyone

Few things scream fitness, health, and strength like a well-formed back end, whether it belongs to you or your horse.

hotrodcowgirl (1)

Courtesy of hotrod cowgirl

Quarterhorses are the kings and queens of this sort of muscular development.  Stocky by nature and favored in disciplines that require stops, starts, and backing, the “quarter horse butt” is a sure sign that a horse is working regularly with their back end engaged and under them, taking full advantage of those powerful muscles. By contrast, a horse that is weak and underdeveloped in the back end is missing out on a serious source of power, not to mention locking up their front end and limiting movement as they “pull” themselves around instead of engaging their rears.

Resolved to build up your horse’s back end this year?  Start with: Read More…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, from our herd to yours.  May your day be filled with joy, loved ones both two-legged and four, and an appreciation of the many blessings bestowed upon us.

- Xena, and the team at All Xena’s Horses

Merry Christmas from All Xena's Horses